MBC Academy launches auditions to choose 4 Saudis and Saudiwomen to star in a global film produced by MBC Studios

16 November 2020

Mbc Academy 1

MBC Academy launches auditions to choose 4 Saudis and Saudiwomen to star in a global film produced by MBC Studios

By MBC Studios

In the first initiative of its kind in Saudi Arabia, MBC Academy has launched a performance competition to select 4 Saudis and Saudi women of all ages for a global film competition that MBC Studios is scheduled to begin producing next year.

Jana Yamani, CEO of MBC Talent Academy and Talent, explained that this initiative is not only to find, attract and test Saudi talent in auditions to give it key roles in the global film to be produced, but also to train those talents on how to progress to auditions, and to provide them with the technologies to showcase their acting potential in accordance with the latest global standards of this type of opportunity, which are being played by major production groups in Hollywood and the world. "As soon as the opportunity was announced a few weeks ago, through the Academy's website, its social media pages and the MBC Group, applications from hundreds of talent from across the Kingdom for live performance experiences, whether by attending performance sites in person, or through video interviews through certified video applications," she said.

"The special jury overseeing these trials praised the high level of performance shown by a good group of applicants, and we have seen our role in the MBC Group as the enormous potential that young applicants have, so we will not spare them by providing whatever it takes to prepare them, raise their potential, motivate them to excel and prove themselves in this vital sector, and reach the world they deserve, and we will strive with them to achieve them," Yamani said.

"Here is The Academy of MBC, fulfilling its promise to young Saudis in the film and television content industry, and achieving a new achievement in parallel with the launch of training programs at work, visual training, dialogue sessions, and inspiring and informative workshops, resulting in the training and recruitment of more young Saudi skilled people in the media field and various disciplines," she said.

The auditions for the four key roles of the upcoming World Film Championship were conducted under the supervision of a specialized panel of professionals in the film content industry, with which MBC Academy collaborated very specifically. In turn, the Committee initially studied the applications of more than 800 applicants and applicants in accordance with the conditions set out in order to select the most suitable for performance tests. After screening and scrutiny, the Committee conducted more than 150 performance selections for the four required roles, including about 50 performances for women's roles and about 100 for men's roles, as required by the main roles in the film, which will soon begin filming in Saudi Arabia, where external scenes are intended to reflect the beauty of the kingdom's nature and convey it to the world.

The film is expected to be screened in cinemas as well as on the VIP Watch platform, in parallel with its global marketing and screening.

It is worth mentioning that the specialized jury supervising the auditions included:

  1. Jana Yamani, Executive Director of MBC Academy and Talent, at MBC Group.
  2. Hana Al-Omeir, a Saudi writer and director who won the best screenplay award at the 2008 Saudi Film Competition, was selected for her documentary "Away from Speech" at the 2010 Muscat Film Festival, winning the "Golden Palm" award for best film at the Saudi Film Festival in 2015.
  3. Fatima Al-Bannawi is a world-renowned Saudi writer, actress and speaker.
  4. Faisal Ba'aor, a Saudi producer and director, chaired the Executive Board of the Saudi Film Council, the author of several initiatives to promote the film industry.
  5. Abdul Rahman al-Jandal is a well-known Saudi producer, director and actor.
  6. Raed Al-Samari, a Saudi writer and director, won the Jury Award from the Sundance Film Festival for his short film "Dunya Party".