Documentary and drama series about the true story of Carlos Ghosn... from MBC Studios and Alef One

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Documentary and drama series about the true story of Carlos Ghosn... from MBC Studios and Alef One

By MBC Studios

The two works include exclusive meetings with Carlos Ghosn and his wife Carol...

MBC Studios, the production arm of MBC Group, has announced its exclusive partnership with Alef One to produce an English-language documentary and a short drama series that revolves around the true story of Carlos Ghosn. The two works include exclusive meetings with Carlos Ghosn and his wife Carol, as well as the signature of french international producer Nora Melley, whose record is replete with a series of productions, most notably l'Affaire Villemin, The Tunneland Riviera.

In connection with the post-production phase, discussions are under way with major television and digital broadcasting networks around the world regarding supply and distribution rights, under the guidance of Peter Smith, MD of MBC Studios, in parallel with securing the offer of the two works through Shahid VIP, the leading digital video-on-demand subscription platform, under the umbrella of the MBC Group.

The documentary and the short drama highlight ghosn's unconventional journey, which spanned several decades as one of the world's most powerful men in the automotive industry and business administration, to escape from Japan and his current residence in Lebanon.

The production process is carried out by an innovative team with extensive global experience. The documentary is directed by award-winning English director Nick Green, who has several famous documentaries, his signature and his signature, most notably House of Assad; "Putin: The Story of a Russian Spy"; and others. This highlights the many different aspects of this story.

Filming actually began on September 19th in Beirut and continues until the end of the year.

Drama Series
He wrote the short drama series and a workshop of writers led by Sinarist and American producer Mark Goffman, a big business owner, such as"The West Wing";"Sleepy Hollow";"Limitless" and others. The six-episode series is scheduled to begin filming in 2021, featuring a team of international actors, featuring the imprint of French-Swedish director Charlotte Berndström, with a wide range of famous works, most notably "TheOutsider"; "Conspiracy ofSilence"; "Away".

Mark Antoine Daliwin, CEO of MBC Group, said: "This extraordinary and vociferous story deserves resounding success. Falling from the top of the pyramid. Then go back and climb from the abyss. It deserves to be screened as a documentary and drama series, in order to reach the widest audience on all five continents." "MBC Studios seeks to bring in the best global talent and potential to work on promising production projects. The refore, the production of the story of Carlos Ghosn is the first of the ghaith in this strategic direction that we are heading."

Nora Melhely, CEO of Alef One, said she was pleased to partner with MBC Studios, expressing her desire to produce unique stories and turn them into works that audiences follow across screens and platforms. "With Nick Green at the helm, the documentary is a relentless exploratory mission, reviewing the great risks that accompanied this story, highlighting the diverse forces and different attractions in which it played a role," Melley said. Sinarist and producer Mark Goffman work on the human dimension of the story, putting it at the heart of the narrative and its story, with the aim of painting the full picture of the main characters involved."

Carlos Ghosn (documentary)